I am a local artist raised in the Pacific NW and a huge influence on me has been indigenous cultures and the stories, myth and art within them. I believe in and appreciate the ceremonies, traditions and spiritual path they live.

Drawing from all these inspirations, a common theme I work with is the relationship between mother and child, grandmothers, the cycles of women’s lives, birth and death.


I believe wholeheartedly in the power of art and what a single image can do to transform its environment and the people who see it. It is soul, meaning, imagination, spirit, memory, a journey and much more, it is limitless. It is the soul of the artist and it comes alive and evolves with the eyes that view it and take it in.


My work includes, spirit dolls, bead rattles, dream catcher babies, dream catcher people, and myth shield jewelry. The materials I use are clay, horse and buffalo hair, feathers, leather, beads, roots, gourds, driftwood, shells, rocks, paint, and inks.


May there be remembrance of beauty, compassion, amazement and joy within.













                                                                                                               Karen Danielson




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